Annual Test of Blogging Software - 2015

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No entries at all in 2014. Just checking to see if the Movable Type V4.2 software still works.

Annual Test of Blogging Software

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Does Movable Type V4.2 still work? Let's find out.

Test Drive

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It's been a while since I tested my blogging software...

Those Were the Days

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Seven Months Later...

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An update on the wacky weather Maryland has been having this year. First all time snow records. And now all-time heat records:

1. Hottest summer: The average temperature at BWI from June through August was 79.3 degrees. That broke the previous record of 79.1 degrees, set in 1943.

2. Most 90-degree days: The total now stands at 56 days, which broke the previous record of 54 days set in 1988.

3. Most 100-degree days: Seven days. This was a tie, matching the total in 1988.

4. Record-high daily temperatures were set on 10 dates: April 5 (84 degrees); April 6 (90 degrees); June 23 (97 degrees); June 24, (100 degrees); June 27, (100 degrees); June 28 (99 degrees); July 6 (105 degrees); July 7 (101 degrees); July 24 (101 degrees); July 25 (100 degrees);

5. Record-high minimum temperatures: set May 3 (69 degrees); July 24 (82 degrees)

6. Warmest month/warmest July: Temperatures in July averaged 81.5 degrees. This matched the record for the warmest month and the warmest July, first set in 1949 and matched in 1995.

7. Hottest average daily high temperature: July's daily highs averaged 92.5 degrees, beating the previous record of 91.9 degrees, set in 1988.


Mazel Tov

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The last of the February snow melted from my front yard this morning. All the frozen precipitation is at long last gone. Since the Ides are almost upon us, the possibility of more snow in Maryland is rapidly diminishing.

I didn't think I'd live to ever say this but I've had enough snow this year.

Weather Facts About February 2010

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We already know this was the snowiest winter, the snowiest February, the snowiest month on record for Baltimore. Here are a few other winter weather trivia from this meteorological winter just ended, just published in the NWS Monthly Climate Report for BWI-Marshall in February:

1. Baltimore recorded two separate, two-day, double-digit snowfalls in the same month (Feb. 5-6 and Feb. 9-10) for the first time since record-keeping for snow totals began in the 1880s.

2. The two big February storms dropped a combined 44.5 inches of snow at BWI in just six days. It was the most snow ever to fall for any 7-day period on record for Baltimore. The previous record weekly snowfall was 32.6 inches, in Jan. 6-12, 1996.

3. The daily 7 a.m. "climatological snow depth" - the snow measured on the ground at BWI - on Feb. 11 was 34 inches, setting a new record. The report doesn't say what the old record was.

4. The average snow depth for Baltimore in February was 11 inches, the highest average monthly snow depth ever recorded for the city. The previous record was 7 inches, in January 1996.

5. There was at least an inch of snow on the ground at BWI on 22 dates in February. That's the third-highest number of February days with an inch of snow or more on the ground for Baltimore. The highest number is 27 days in 1934, followed by 25 days in 1905.

6. The maximum daily temperature at BWI failed to reach 50 degrees for the entire month. That's the first time that's happened in any month since January 1977, and only the 10th time on record. Even so, February 2010 ranked as only the 22nd coldest February on record here.

I am so glad I was here. I loved it.

Detoriorating Conditions

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Wednesday, 3:07 PM
Things are worse than this morning. Temperature is down to 20.0F with barometric pressure down to 29.29 inches. Winds are strong; horizontal snow.